Protective Gear

Growns, Test Kit and Equip

Anti-decubitus Air Mattress

Movable Over Bed Table

Electric Patient Lifting

Electric Wheelchair


– This electric wheelchair is suitable for rehabilitation training of bedridden patients with lower limb mobility impairment. 

– One button switching between electric wheelchair function and auxiliary walking function.
– It is easy to operate with electromagnetic braking system that can automatic braking after stop running.

Walking Auxiliary


– The intelligent wearable device to assist Parkinson’s patients and those with weak legs and foot strength to walk

– This robot will help users walk more easily, save energy & improve the quality of their lives.
– It can help users walk longer distances more easily, and help those with walking impairments regain tehir walking ability, even help them get up & down stairs with less physical strength.

Toilet Lifts


– Powered toilet lifts help old people or disabled getting down/up to the toilet

– It can help you to cope with body movement inconvenient problem occurred by age.
– Old people can stand up after they finish toilet, and also can help them to squat to the toilet before they toileting.

– It help old people live independently and keep privacy.

Adult Diaper


– Standing leakage guards

– Elastic design at the waist and leg position.
– Wetness indicator.

– It help old people live independently and keep privacy.

– Re-fasten tabs for easy inspection&adjustment.

– Frontal adhesive tape.

Linen Protection Pads


– Answers heavy absorbency needs with a non-polymer construction while maintaining patient comfort

– Spunbond non-woven topsheet allows fIuid to pass quickly into the fIuff core.
– Diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability utilization..

– Polyethylene backsheet protects against leakage.

Safety Suction Grab Bar


– National invention patents

– Reusable after washing..
– Long-lasting use, will not fall off.

– Easy to install, no tools needed.

– Easy disassemble without leaving marks.

– Adsorption power increases with the use of time.

– Waterproof & moisture-proof, resistant to high & low temp.

– No perforation, no glue, no damage to the wall wide application.

– Strong adsorption force, instant pulling force can reach 60-120kgs.

– High-tech materials, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless.