Allegrine International Limited is a Hong Kong based company that originate Abiti products to fight against the Coronavirus. We strategically focus to produce only a few protective products that are Best-In-Class for all stakeholders. We are not BIG but we strike to be the BEST in terms of quality, cost efficiencies, integrity, professional services and users’ experiences for our business partners, clients, and end users.


Allegrine only partner with Best-In-Class strategic manufacturers in China that maintain the required International Quality Assurance certifications. Each Abiti product is manufactured according to the international standards supported by test reports and certifications. Our team of engineers, industry experts, operation directors and quality assurance officers are committed to deliver Best-In-Class end products with zero tolerance for being the second. Our stakeholders count on us to comply with all applicable medical and legal requirements and to conduct business with INTEGRITY. We take great pride in our commitment to integrity, and our company’s continued success depends on it.